Chuck Season 4 – Initial Thoughts

One again we find ourselves at the the Buy More with Chuck & co. However this time round the previously blown up store has returned as a CIA operations base cover. I think the Buy More coming back is great as it would have been like destroying the fortress of solitude in Smallville if they got rid of it for good. If Superman can’t go without a fortress, Chuck can’t go without a Buy-Moretress!

The current season of Chuck has got off to a good start, with the plotline immediately shifting to Chucks hunt for his mother (Linda Hamilton), and her involvement with a new organisation (Yes… Another super powered secret organisation capable of controlling the world that they somehow NEVER heard of before…) going  by name of “Volkoff”. I’m hoping Volkoff doesn’t become  a reflection of Fulcrum and The Ring, and  just try to nab the secrets of the intersect over and over again. If that happens if will just send this series down hill and add far too much repetition.

Season 4 still sees Chucks mastery of the intersect with his flashes  still being held as a key running theme in the show.  This season however is not seeing as much use of Chucks intersect abilities as previous seasons have, which is arguably a good thing as there is less of the BAM! – INTERSECT! – PUNCH! – KNOCKOUT! stuff going on, which made things a bit repetitive.

The season also throws in various side stories about its characters that give the show a bit more variation, however this in some cases makes it a bit confusing as you can go ages without thought of Caseys daughter then POP she’s there! I also find that the whole Sarah and Chuck love drama is a bit last season… they need to move on from it!

All in all i think this season of Chuck has got off to an awesome start! However i’m not too sure if i’d like another season.. it’s not something i can see dragging out too long without killing itself off! So fingers crossed they end on a high rather than a low!

Also… Subway….Why is it always in Chuck?!