Inception within Smallville?!

This post WILL contain spoilers. You’ve been warned.

This weekend saw the return of the final season of Smallville following its mid season break. In many ways after the cliff hanger left at the end of the previous episode I was hoping for something a little more as to explanation of what happened, rather than the boring old “LOL! Government set you up! LOL”. That however doesnt mean that I hated the episode! I infact felt that despite its poor cliff hanger pick up, that it was an interesting episode.. though there was just something so familiar about the whole … oh wait! Inception.

In the past Smallville has arguably taken on movie inspired stylings to various episodes, the most prominent example being seen in the ‘Cloverfield’ style engagement party of season 8. A style that is clearly repeated in the latest episode as much of the base workings reflect that of the dream world, and the ability to invade and control dream worlds whilst protecting them with built in security to “Remove the intruder like a virus”.

I think it was extremely unfortunate that had such a rushed style to it, with large chunks missing between someone being one place then suddenly being on a roof ready to escape.. The whole in between being the bit that would have build on it more and made it more interesting was .. well.. scrapped apparently!  This links with my other criticism, which is that the episode was a bit too jumpy, hopping around characters far too much, which led to any action that was within the episode being shoddy.

I also think too much was played on the whole “Why wont Clark trust Chloe” part. I think this would have been better had Chloe not been revealed to be truthful so early, it would have left more suspense with the viewer and made it more tense to watch. I dont think the approach of the government even increased the tension after this, as once some of them were out you knew Clark and Lois would be out eventually.. choose a weaker character to trap!!!!!

The only question now is.. Can Clark fly outside of the dream world?

All in all it wasn’t as good as a normal episode of Smallville for me, but still had some strong points. I just think it’s unfortunate such a good idea for an episode was condensed in such a way!




I’ve just finished watching the season finale of Smallville, entitled “Doomsday”

I think all in all the episode was ok, it did not have the factor to it that was as wow as some of the previous smallville finales. I liked how they used Jimmys death. In the Superman graphic novel “The Death of Superman” it ends with a picture of Superman dead in Lois’ arms with Doomsday dead nearby.

Previously Clark split Davis from Doomsday, so in a sense there was the Doomsday beast -that Clark went after, and then there was the human side with all the evils of human nature. It is the human side that kills Jimmy, out of pure jealousy as Chloe says she loves Jimmy and also finally states that she was only staying with Davis to keep him away from Clark.

Jimmy has been fatally stabbed, and then just as Davis is about to go all woman beater on Chloe, Jimmy pushes him onto some spike thing and Davis is dead too.

The image now is Chloe with Jimmy in her arms, and Davis dead. This matches the depictation in the superman comics, and i think is a very good take on it to change around characters in such a way is effective and non predictable, and it also gives more effect to the scene.

Clark vs the Beast is what pissed me off. Its basically Clark takes a punch – through a wall, Clark gets hit again, Clark superspeeds into Doomsday (possibly flying now…) and puts him down a big hole in a geothermal plant where it is blown up and Doomsday is trapped underground.

Then cut to funeral scene.


Jimmys funeral and you hear his name as “Henry James…” Chloe then hands his brother the camera and says “i guess this is yours now” … so the little brother is the link into Jimmy Olsen remaining in Superman as he is meant to? His name is James? Dunno. Maybe.

Funeral ends and OH LOOK ITS CLARK! He’s wearing a big trench coat, and tells Chloe that he is going to forget his human self and be all kryptonian and hard core and save the world – No. The cold, Dark Clark Kent does not work.

End series with  a shot of Zod materialising in his actual form (previously he needed a host).

Lois is stuck in the future too apparently… she stuck on the legion ring… stupid bitch.

So next series of Smallville will see multiple things – Zod vs Clark – Zod vs Superman is shown within the Superman movies… so they’ll have to tred lightly oO
Formation of Justice League – Chloe now lives in a tower that see’s all of metropolis and she calls it the WatchTower. So the Justice League base is established… now to get Green Arrow, Flash and Black Canary back…..

Theres also Setanna and Aquaman now so that makes 6 if you include Clark … because he’s blatantly only gonna be gone for the first episode or two with his whole “HUMANS FUCKING SUCK” mood. He’ll come back… Seriously.

Wonderwoman and Batman will never come in smallville in any form, the original creators / people with rights banned them from smallville… so we’ll just have to make do with some other hero…


Spiderman (Fuck that)