Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Initially with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood I found myself expecting a game purely focused on multiplay with little story involved. As a result of this I was thrilled to find this was not how it turned out and that It picked up right after the cliff hanger in Assassins Creed 2 with a further plot line that led to an even bigger cliff hanger!! Seriously! Like WOAH!

Assassins Creed Brotherhood picks up from where the second game ended and continues on with new memory sequences belonging to Ezio Aldetori. This for me added to the flow of the game as it made it familiar from the start and helped me get into the games plot and storyline a lot quicker, this and the way in which you can freely leave the animus as you wish gave a better playing experience than the previous two for me.

One distinctive change to the game is the ability to take your horse anywhere you want rather than having to leave it outside the city gates to never be seen again.. You can even call your horses in this game! Kind of like Link calling Epona… except in this case it’s Ezio whistling for the most recent horse he rode..

Another notable feature is the ability to recruit and train assassins into the brotherhood. Recruited assassins can be called into battle anytime, or used to take out enemies to help you stay undetected. They can also take out every single enemy in the area in an arrow storm! I found this to be a handy little feature and a fun side game to send assassins off on missions and train them up! It was like leveling up Pokemon… but with people that kill other people rather than monsters that hit eachother..

The game doesn’t necessarily leave you short of things to do after completing the story either as it contains a whole abundance of awesome challenges and tasks from the courtesans, thieves and mercenaries! Though these are all quite similar as they are generally just assassinations and races, I found it was more interesting as the level of difficulty varied between the challenges as they contained more variation rather than the same old “save the lady from guards”

Now the multiplayer! This is the feature I thought I would hate, as when I played it at Eurogamer it was utter bollocks! Just walking into someone would make you assasinate them.. which was silly.. there are people all over so missing people was pretty hard in itself.  FORTUNATELY however! This was not used in the final release as you now have to choose to assassinate someone before they are killed rather than just strolling into them. I mean COME ON! Imagine if you killed people by bumping into them.. I’d be a serial killer or dead by now! Maybe both.

I feel the multiplayer adds a competitive edge to the game where it was lacking before. I also think the inclusion of levels online is a good touch as it encourages you to play to unlock more online features and be top of the class. Though for me I’m just leveling up so I can have 100% on my PSN trophies as I get the level 50 achievement!

All in all, not many games will push me to get all of the achievements available, and the fact I’m still playing it says enough! I love this game!